Lemon Tree

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  1. Your artwork is absolutely stunning. As soon as your piece started, I honestly found myself enraptured in your story. The music and art work matched perfectly. The pacing of the words was also excellent. I was able to follow the slides without missing anything by the time the next line was up. It honestly could have been a child’s story, for it was nicely paced with gorgeous artwork. The symbolism was easily seen too. Any minor point I could easily understand, and was really caught up in.
    I wish there was some music in between that small inspection with the alarm clock as the only sound. For a few moments, I thought the story was over (and I was kind of upset), or my headphones broke (equally upsetting). Although, the silent pause was very well placed, since it brought the reader back into the ‘reality’ of the story. But everything else was flawless! I really liked it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your final project was beautiful. It's rare to see someone so talented in both visual and written arts. I thought the entire video flowed very nicely, and in particular thought the final minutes were especially beautiful, both because of Ava's final realization and the visual transition from the focus on the tree to the lemon falling into her hands. I never thought anyone could make such a pretty drawing of a peeled lemon!
    I noticed in class you always seemed extremely concerned about the clarity of your messages. This is very understandable, especially if you ultimately plan to take Prof. Leong's advice and write for children, but I think it's important to keep in mind that there's no harm in ambiguity. Keep in mind that all works, whether writing, film, or some other medium entirely can be great without having any clear message. Part of what makes classics like Shakespeare so great is that no one really knows what message the creator intended, putting the weight on the reader or viewer to interpret the work on their own. Was Romeo and Juliet a cautionary tale against grudges about two persecuted lovers? Or is it really about two stupid kids whose inability to recognize the nature of their own infatuation causes the deaths of roughly half a dozen people, including themselves? No one really knows for certain what Shakespeare's intended message was, but Romeo and Juliet is still one of the most celebrated works in the history of literature. Two people can look at a Picasso painting and infer entirely different messages, but no one questions the greatness of Picasso's works. It's great that you always have such a clear focus on what you want your works to convey, but don't forget that ambiguity isn't necessarily a bad thing!

  3. Matt Chin says:

    This was a very enjoyable and high-quality video you created. Everything about this video was simply beautiful. The artwork, the story, the choice in music, they all work so well together. Your artwork has a very elegant feel, and the images seen in the video look like pictures you would see from a children’s book. It is simple, colorful, and visually enchanting. Your concept of the story was really well done as well. The girl’s relationship to the lemon tree really dug into my emotions. I looked up the TV show you got the music from, and it looks pretty interesting. The soundtrack from that show was very fitting since it is has drama and romance. It looks like a very successful follow-up from after I critiqued your proposal and watched your presentation. It also helps that you did not rush the slides when portraying the words and sentences. Other than the slightly annoying alarm clock beeping, this video was marvelous. I hope you continue on working like this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed watching your project. I thought that your pictures were amazing, and the same with your layout and organization of the story. I really appreciated the length of time that you took with each part of text to allow the viewer to be able to read at their leisure without giving them so much time that they became bored. Also, the smaller images/illustrations that you incorporated with text alongside with use of full screen images without text was brilliant.

    Your color choice was beautiful. The abundance of white in your images and as the background color choice really gave an ambient, lighthearted feel to your video that I think added to its beauty. I also really enjoyed the moments when you let a few choice/important words remain on screen as the others faded away.

    Your music I think worked really well for your piece; in relation to that however, I did find it a little unpleasantly jarring when the music suddenly cut out in the middle (I believe I understand your purpose and its intended effect, but I think for a piece like yours you could have let the music fade out and had the same effect).

    Really though, your project was amazing. Bravo.

  5. Khaya…this project is utterly fantastic. The simplicity of the layout, the timing of the music, the depth of the message, and the colorful use of language all fit together effortlessly--or so it seems--, but man was I impressed. I must say that the language was my favorite part. "..especially adolescents with clearly eyes…blind eyes", and "She became drunk off of loves scent" were among the plethora of favorite lines because of the ironic twist of it all. It was a simple concept--as most things are--in combination with layers and layers of complexity. Before I knew it, ten minutes had gone by! Though, I found myself not screaming for more as for I was satisfied by the way the story progressed; nothing seemed rushed or even dragged on. Well done! Also, I would also have to say that yours was one of my favorites!

    Also, I have to agree with KingKhan2894's comment about ambiguity necessarily being a bad thing, but other than that great job!

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